Free to a good home.

Hello all , I was phoning for a friend about a P5B and the nice man said " Free to a good home" I was hooked . My car has a very odd reg so he is noe known as Viny . luke off to school 005.JPG


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Check they do fit first, as Cafcpete says, very few do.

If you're going to call it Vinnie, probably a good idea to paint it Almond ;)

Can a starter motor that has been left for decades seize and stop a V8 turning by hand . I have the rad out and a 15/16 socket on the crank with a 2 ft bar . no turn . In neutral , also put some engine oil in the bores 4 days ago.Water pump turns ok also alternator. rad out 006.JPG


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Starter motor is unlikely to be engaged with the flywheel as it only engages when being used. More likely the pistons in the bores. I would put something like diesel in and leave for a few weeks!
more to do with when power is supplied to the(starter) motor
ie inertia is spinning as it engages /meshes
pre engaged meshes before power is applied(solenoid has a secondary pull which closes the contacts to power the motor)
Yes Wicklow ,I miss heard the PO Grandson a few weeks ago, just checked some old paper work PO was a Doctor in Wicklow. Don`t have all the paperwork yet.