Found this on Youtube

Seen that before ,it is a good film ,it also show the amount of paperwork involved :shock: and that there has always been traffic jams :lol:
2nd July 1975.
The shooting mentioned in the briefing at the start of the film was on 1st July 1975.
Inspector Emlyn Watkins eventually recovered but had to leave the force as a result of his injury.
He was awarded the George Medal and the incident led to the break-up of an IRA assassination squad.
Looks, (to me), something like YYK341M

Is it one you think you know?
Wishful thinking really...
I thought could it be mine ? - same colour - early series 2 - large letters to L/H boot lid - right time period and not far away.
Too quick to read reg when playing and unclear when frozen - except 34 (my reg GAN 340J)

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just checked out that film clip. interesting though obvious staged 'pull in's of motorists ' ( officers out of uniform? )
know some of the roads they were using .lived in that area for years around that time so may even have seen that car about ( plus blue ones) also had a brother in police whom drove a traffic car ( possibly even that one ?) looked like Chadwell station ? though the early dual carriageway with hills was at barking section of old A13. many thanks for the posting.