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colnerov said:
Hi, I don't want to get into an anorak argument with you. However, why a Cooper and not a Cooper S? Well, why
series 1 P6 as opposed to a series 2 P6? They very nearly trebled it's value getting £24,780 at auction for it.
Special Downton carbs? They are indeed HS4s whereas the Cooper had HS2s, but the carbs were matched to the
manifold. This programme is not aimed at experts but people with and without an interest in cars who want to
be entertained on a Sunday evening. If it was too technical and had no human interest element senior management
would veto the viewing. :wink: Philip Glenister is a bit 'luvvie' and trying to be 'geezer', and is I think a bit out of his
depth at times although he has a passing interest in cars. Ant Anstead knows his way round a set of spanners and has
a passion for cars but knows he has to tailor it for the audience, and tolerates Philip.


Good review Colin and I think I’m pretty much in agreement with all you've said. I’m enjoying the series and although it’s hard not to fall into the habit of playing "spot the inaccuracy" to a large extent I have managed to see it for what it is, just a program about cars. If the powers that be made a program to satisfy "us" then I very much doubt if the viewing figures would be very high as we are not a very big demographic. I think Philip Glenistar is playing an acting role, somewhere between his real self and Gene Hunt, that is after all what most would expect. I for one will keep watching, as time permits, isn't sky+ great.



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colnerov said:
Ant Anstead knows his way round a set of spanners
Is that why he used two spanners linked together, followed by a combination spanner with a length of box section over it, to (try to) undo the head bolts & studs on the Stag engine?
The thing that really confused me was when working on the stag he suggested that he'd had to get his "imperial spanner set out" for the first time in a long time, now im not sure if this is innuendo (who'd like to see my imperial spanner.... :wink: ) or just play for the cameras but surely the vast majority of the cars featured in the series will include predominantly imperial fasteners...

I guess the big problem that we all have with this sort of TV is that its not aimed at us, in the same way that the coverage of F1 on BBC1 would annoy Adrian Newey and Patrick Head and I bet David Attenborough finds Monkey Planet infuriating!


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Chronologically speaking the Stag might have been the first car they did. If Ant,s bread and
butter work is working on cars built from the 80s on then he will most likely be using his
metric set. As an aside, when I worked with my mate years ago his teacher wife conned him
into having some work experience lads. Most of them didn't have a clue, still I suppose that
was what they were there for, we just use to get them fetching and carrying and making tea
(horrible). One day we just said go and get such and such spanner he got a few steps away
and said "is that the ones with the numbers on" :lol: We did try to explain to him how it all
worked, but it was a bit much for him, poor lamb.



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harveyp6 said:
colnerov said:
Hi, you're not telling me you haven't done that when no one was looking? :wink:
Not on head bolts I haven't, and if I had, I wouldn't allow myself to be filmed doing it.
The problem is that while for some of us all these shows are (sort of...) entertainment (both with the positive and the negative aspect!), they really act as education to the young ones, that:
a) Have no real life experience on the subject and no other means to acquire it.
b) Are attached to the virtual world of TV and internet and are not accustomed to learn through more traditional and surefooted ways.

Judged as education to the younger generations all that stuff is almost as bad as it can get.
Interesting aspects though slightly dissapointing in presentation as contrived bits are easily noticed. Still having owned both a mini and a mark 1 escort Mexico in younger days... Nice to see them getting attention.
No doubt we would all like a p6 to get a look in but these program's are designed to choose cars seen as icons rather than other reasons. After all a Jensen interceptor is decent car but how many aware of them versus say a Volkswagen beetle. So you can see out of those two the car that would get picked for such a program.
More actual work and explanation on car(s) would be of interest though understand as it's sold to general public little interest in this aspect will be forthcoming.
The front side lights i worry about. Also those arms at the front with the ball joint.
2000 engine parts worry me. But ive stored to spare engines away and sone of them arms . But i hate it when you know parts are getting hard to find.