Foam strip above "strip" speedo - where to find?


When replacing the dash-top on my Series 1 2000, the foam strip between the speedo and dash top came out in 3 pieces. The foam is very brittle and not repairable.

Does anyone have a source for a suitable replacement? I can't see it in the parts catalogue, and none of the usual spares suppliers seem to list it.

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You are going to have to DIY that one. I have a similar issue with the foam that shields the pollen filters on my P38 Range Rover and a bloke told me that fish pond filter foam does that job very nicely, so you are going to have to get creative and look outside the box.

What about the weather strip foam you get for door and windows? It is adhesive on one side so that would make fitting a bit easier.


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Not for the purist but not so long ago after replacing the panel lights with LEDs, after unsuccessfully casting around for different types of foam I tried to buy some carpet underlay foam. The store staff insisted that what they were giving me was offcut from their bin and refused to accept payment.
It has the advantage of being dense enough to be self supporting even when cut quite thin to shape it to fit. Spray painted it black before fitting it.
The original is quite soft foam with a thin black plastic skin on the face. The same technique is used for some other foam bits in the car. I've often wondered how to reproduce it, but have made do with weatherstrip foam & black paint.

Thanks all - I was expecting to have to DIY something, but just wanted to check I hadn't missed a brilliant source of ready made plastic-coated foam. I'll have a hunt around for some suitable foam. I think I have in the garage some dense black foam that some fragile ornaments were packed in - might be a good start.