Fitting gear knob to SD1 LT77 gear stick


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Hi all, as my LT&& box didn't have its SD1 gear knob when I bought then the only one I could find is a version they used on the Sherpa Vans which also used the SD1 5 spd boxes. So I assumed it would fit my saloon SD1 g/box gear stick & bought one of fleabay but it doesn't ! :LOL: .
Not a lot in it but the hole is a tad to big to grip the thread on the gear lever so any ideas oh how to make it fit tightly ?
many thanks Damian.


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Hi, I used a Ford Sierra one on mine and it has the right gear position legend on the top. It is shaped and feels comfortable in the hand.




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Personally, I think that type of gear knob in Colnerov's pic looks awful! Too modern, what with that slightly square shape.
As The Rovering Member suggests, cut and shut the top half of a 3500S lever to the bottom half of an SD1 lever, and retain the plastic reverse pull-up thingydingy for the right 'look', even though it won't be functional. That's what I did, and at a glance you wouldn't know it wasn't standard. Only the wider automatic tunnel is a giveaway in my car.

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If you’ve got a friendly local engineering shop why not get an aluminium ball turned up with the thread to match the LT77. Wouldn’t cost much and your car isn’t going to be factory spec anyway..