First start after rebuild

Very thorough. How easy was it to get all the bits for the 4 cyl?
I found it very straightforward, despite I've had a couple of problems.
The main one was that I've lost most of the photos of the disassembly. Its very important to take lots of pictures during this process.

For me it´s essential:
- Good tools. I mean not a pro garage, but the essentials ( a torque wrench for example ).
I don't have a column lift, only a pair of hand lifts and four kind of small tables ( see pic ) where sit the wheels, plus four stands. I've been lots of hours under the car and its good to take precautions.

- Take lots of pictures... and a backup of them !!

- Store the parts of the disassembly in separate boxes and plastic bags for small parts, all labeled.

- Manuals, including the infamous Haynes; it has photos and helps.

- ... and most important: this Forum !!

The most difficult part for me, was shimming the valves: lots of calculations and grinding. I hope that when I´ll check clearances next time,
they are ok.

Remember that I live in Spain, if you are in England you are lucky with all this classic car culture and Royal postage around.
I´m 72 with all the implications:LOL: and with no mechanical background ( a photographer during my working days )

If you are thinking to put your hands in an classic engine, do it !!