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Fan not working - smoking dash!

Discussion in 'Electrics' started by Rufus, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Rufus

    Rufus New Member

    Hi all, new member preparing P6 for roadworthy and needs fan heater/demister to be working.

    When heater is switched to on there is no fan and after a few moments acrid smoke and smell come from behind dash on drivers side. Switch heater off and is ok again. anyone had this ?

    Is there wiring behind the dash which might be the culprit. It does seem to be electrical problem rather than physical one.

    Second and easier question: The car is 1974 and what colour should the ROVER badge be on the boot on the left hand side. The 3500 badge is good but the Rover one is washed out....................

    Thanks, Keith Winter
    Geelong - near Melbourne Australia.
  2. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Seized blower motor would be my first thought.

    And welcome on board.

  3. MikeMelb

    MikeMelb Member

    Welcome Keith.
    Can't offer any suggestions on your electrical problem, but in the Series one there are 3 "fan positions" but the first is purely ram air with the fan coming on in the second and third positions. The heater works in that first position without any fan operation. Surely that should suffice. Wouldn't have thought fan forced demisting would be a RWC issue, particularly in summer. Though I'm sure you want the problem fixed.

  4. Chalky

    Chalky Member

    Check fuse sounds like fuse box melting
  5. classicalgreen

    classicalgreen Active Member

    not keen on burning smells our smoke.. heater motor seized? over heating wire ? needs checking out and sadly that may incorporate lot of dismantling? welcome to site . rover badge on left on my 3500 1974 series 2 is: satin silver with black writing .
  6. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    I had a similar issue a while back on my car. Turned out the contacts on the slider for the fan were loose and making poor contact. Poor contact = high resistance = heat. I resoldered the contacts and made sure the rivets were secure and haven't had an issue since.
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