Exhaust Sound of a Rover 5000TC

Rover 5000TC :?: , I hear you asking. A while ago, after I posted some of the details of my Rover 2000TC conversion to a Ford 5 litre V8, some Forum members encouraged me to open a YouTube account and post a video of the exhaust note of the car running the modified Ford 302 V8 through 26 inch glasspacks. Anyway here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9r_QmJhYhE Turn up your speakers and enjoy. For one, I love the old school sound of glasspacks but then I am an old crock and old school is just fine with me :)

Looking forward to this!! Unfortunately youtube is blocked on work computers so will have to wait till this evening :( :(


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Sounds like a sewing machine or a swiss watch :mrgreen: with loads of V8 burble, nicely tuned engine :D

Tor said:
He spits a little when he talks :roll: but he sounds goooood!
Yep, Tor, she does spit, not very lady-like, eh? :) But its just combustion chemistry. Octane (C8H18), burned with oxygen (O2) gives CO2 and H2O, plenty of H2O through the wide open glasspack mufflers, as it turns out. Maybe I should hang a bucket off the tail pipes and reclaim the water? :idea:



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ghce said:
Did they make 4 pot p6's :mrgreen:

:LOL: Apparently a 4-pot is the original and "correct" engine for a P6. 302's engine sound is making me want to stray from the path of righteousness.


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Hi Tom ,

Musical sex to the ears! 302ci is a great sound, I'm tempted I must say as this is the only Amercian 5 ltr V8 that'll fit into the P6 engine bay as it's same size & weight (ish) as the Rover 215ci but 5ltrs and much more torque!

Plus the go faster goodies are much cheaper & more plentyful than for the rover lump.

But for now I 'll keep the buick lump as it sounds great minus the middle silencer with just the rear stainless box, links are from August on the way to car show

Cheers Damian