Exhaust Diagram/Part numbers

I have an auto 3500, 1971 (with the fuses under bonnet), the section of exhaust behind the gearbox sump is corroded and full of holes.
Does anyone have diagram or part numbers for the right downpipe and the left downpipe/mid section? And has anyone found an easy way to remove the rear backbox and fit a straight pipe. I'd like to just have the mid box


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It is quite straight forward to just ask one of the Rover P6 part suppliers for the auto exhaust - front section including the first muffler. Any half decent exhaust place could remove your resonator and replace with a straight section of pipe. They will weld on the bracket to retain the pipe so it doesn't flap about.



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First,I have tried dispensing with the rear box, and the result was very unpleasant in terms of noise level and note.
Front right down pipe for autos is GEX1207; other side down and all the way to the centre box connection is GEX1208 (cars 451-455 up to suffix D),or GEX1519 from suffix E.


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Seems there are changes not visible in the front pipe - trying to fit an auto front muffler to my manual front pipe, one of the pipes is 85mm too long, and its very difficult to fix without some cutting and welding. The straight part on the front of the muffler is too short to cut off 85mm and re-flare, as there is not enough to clamp. Anybody have any data on the lengths of the front pipe please?