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ET Headrests x 2

Discussion in 'Bodywork & Interior' started by GRTV8, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    I have two ET Headrests which Im going to unload onto the market.
    Quality Red Vinyl covered .
    Had them in my P6 for a few months and have decided to keep the original Teardrops .
    I don't know what they're worth
    Any ideas please?
    DSC09950 (1).jpg
  2. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    in the uk they go from quite expensive to ridiculous - not sure what the australian market is like....
  3. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Yeah -thats why I ask. I can't seem to get a handle on a Antipodean price. Not very common down under and when I bought these , they were the first I'd ever seen for sale.
  4. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    Got to be a couple of hundred pounds?
  5. thamesroverp6

    thamesroverp6 Member

    I sold a black (one) for $50.00 nz a wee while ago.
    Sold quickly so well priced?
  6. roverp5Bcoupe

    roverp5Bcoupe Active Member

    i bought a nice pair in holland for Euro 100,- approx 1,5 years ago. I have seen those high prices but am not sure these sell for those prices. The P5B had an option of reading lights underneath the headrest. These are very scarces

  7. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys-
    I won't be asking 5 bucks for them .
  8. The Rovering Member

    The Rovering Member Well-Known Member

    I sold a pair of the reading light ET's to a fellow member earlier this year for £220. A price which satisfied both of us considering the aforementioned rarity of these items.
  9. Roly

    Roly New Member

    Reading lights were also an option for the P6.
  10. Vern Klukas

    Vern Klukas Active Member

    Yes they were. At one point in the 70's, maybe '76, I bought a 68 or 69 NADA TC here that had pretty much every option except A/C & wire wheels. Which was bit weird because it did have Sundym glass. Anyway, it had the reading lamps along with the rear seat headrests, the boot tire mount, fog & spot lamps (one of each, also a bit odd), the proper roof rack, passenger grab handle, a badge bar, rubber floor mats and probably a couple of other things I've forgotten now. Sadly, between being new to Rovers and the car being throughly rotted out, I let it all slip away after salvaging the engine, which is what i bough it for in the first place. It wasn't until I started working on them for a job a few years later that I realized how rare that car was.

  11. The Rovering Member

    The Rovering Member Well-Known Member

    One fog & one spotlamp was the normal combination back in the day, IIRC.
  12. BabySunshine

    BabySunshine New Member

  13. BabySunshine

    BabySunshine New Member


    I have a couple of "ET" headrests that I want to put into my 1976 Rover P6.
    I managed to remove the old head rest which did not slide up and down. It was riveted in place.

    The front seats have a screw in the back which I believe is used to adjust the head rests up and down?
    Without the rivets the head rests slide all the way down.

    Inside the seats is a sliding mechanism held in place by a couple of screws. When I remove the screws I can feel the mechanism slide down like it is on some sort of spring. There is no bottom to this mechanism though so the head rests still slide all the way down.

    Am I missing something or do these need to be rivited in place?

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  14. GRTV8

    GRTV8 Well-Known Member

    Nah- just tighten the scew to hold it in place.

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