Engine running terrible

Hi, some help or advice would really be great,
I have a p63500 v8 auto, which has been running a bit strange lately, tick over has been up and down, sometimes cutting out when stationary, and stalling when engaging a gear to move off. and it was always running rich even with the mixture turned right down.
Anyway i had some seals and bits and pieces left over from an other car, so decided to get the carbs off and try and sort them out.!!!!

i replaced the seals on the main spindle and also the seals on the choke, all the seals i took off were in a very bad way. ( so at this point i though i was on to a winner, ) i took loads off photos etc and am sure i have replaced everything correctly, set the carbs up two turns below the bridge to get it started,, however it took ages to start and was running very rough, no matter what i tried it sounds and runs terible, also when trying to engage a gear it stalls every time, i suppose the morale of this story is dont mess with things unless you are sure what you are doing
Any help or advise would be great


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Just did this recently for a leaking choke, and new jets and needle/seats. It ran with 2.5 turns rich from bridge level (in WSM), but not well. Do the piston lift test (amount advised varies ffrom 1/32 to 1/16) - if revs lift and stay up its rich, if revs drop and it tries to stall, its lean. Revs should lift a little and stabilize when mixture is good. Adjust the idle with the throttle interconnect disconnected.
Hi, thanks for the above advise, managed to get the car running badly last night, but this morning after an hour of checking all the measurements ect, i could not get it to run at all!! i was then sat in the car feeling very annoyed with my self, when i glanced at the work bench and saw both breather pipes laying there!!
fitted the pipes, car started first time!!! what a numpty i am.
when i did the initial setting up of the carb throttle connecting link, i adjusted it so as both discs were closed etc, but then noticed that due to play in the off side throttle linkage the near side moved about 1/8 inch before the off side, so adjusted the link to compensate for the play in the u shaped fork, now both move together.
What with the new seals and the link adjustment car runs and drives better than ever. result. still a bit of fine tuning to do , but thats for later.

regards Steve.


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The WSM gives a length for the link - 5-1/8" or close to that. One end of my link had a plastic coupling, which obviously broke while trying to diconnect. Speco make metal units in 1/8" thread.
Mine was just less than that, and i have increased it up to the 5-1/8" mark, and now i am getting both operating exactly together.