engine oils

As a rather old fashioned person I have always used 20/50 oil in my cars but as a member of a classic jaguar forum I asked about engine protection for cars that are not used very often, a member who has worked In the oil industry all his life has said to move to a fully synthetic oil to Mercedes spec 229.5, so do members have other opinions.

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I use Valvoline VR1 20w-50 in mine, and won't be changing any time soon :)

Does the 229.5 contain anything in it for flat top cam followers?

Has this chap given any reasons for moving to the 229.5?

I don't know about the oils, but what he is saying as an oil expert! the modern synthetic oils out performs the classic 20/50 oils in all aspects he talks about the how oil sheer, but he does say that it must meet the Mercedes spec that I mentioned, I guess this is a similar recommendation used on the auto gearbox where it needs to meet the ford spec. I know I have not been very helpful, this is why I put this thread on to get other opinions. All I can is that this chap seems very knowledgeable he lives in South Africa and has worked all over the world for oil companies. if you go to THE INTERNATIONAL JAGUAR "S"-TYPE REGISTER FORUM - FORUM INDEX you should be able to find some info