Engine mountings

Can anyone help tell me if the 1973 series 2 2000 sc manual engine mounts are the same for the 2200 sc mounts.
the parts book lists tc and sc as different but what about early ones.



Phil Robson

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Presumably you mean the rubber mounting bushes (which I think are all the same).
AFAIK the actual mounts on the engines & engine bays are the same.
Thanks Harvey and Phil
I have found the VW mounting mod on here but I have 2x mint mountings from a accident damaged wright off I bought years ago and wondered if they were the same.
If they are the same my old ones are completely knackered . Forty four years old and knackered, doesn't anything last these days.


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I 2nd the VW mounts. The good ones (Febi I think is the mfg) are hydraulically filled which does a great job of insulating vibration while making for a good solid mounting. Added to that they won’t be 40+ years old. Used them on my car and they were big improvement.

You want the rear mont (goes above the gearbox) from a Mk. II Golf or Jetta. You have to file off two small tabs on the top surface and you may have to open up the mount hole by 1mm to have them drop in.

Edit: This is the part: FEBI BILSTEIN 02230 Engine Mounting — £9,79
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