Engine Mounting Feet

My understanding, is that the engine mounting feet fitted to the TC engine block left and right are different. Whereas the feet fitted to the SC and Auto are the same. Part numbers R/S 560241 all models. And L/S on the TC only is 560242. Is that correct?
Am thinking that its probably clearance for the carburettors, but not sure.
Second query is, which brackets would be fitted to the 2200TC.
My 2200 parts book shows ,left hand 560242 , Right Hand 560241, for a TC
These parts are listed as brackets in the parts book.
My parts catalogue dated September 73 and workshop manual are as you have quoted.
Yet, I have brackets from a 2000 TC a 2000 Auto and a 2200TC and all of the brackets are numbered 560241


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How do you know the part numbers? I have a 2200TC spare engine I will have a look to compare but the TC has those 2 rubber bushes (555069) inset in the bracket that the SC & Auto don't , so I presume that why they are different part numbers
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I don't have any brackets at hand, but as the difference between the two is just the rubber bushes I expect they used the same casting so the casting numnber would be the same, 241.

Yes, you are quite right, a couple of the brackets do have what looks like a nylon bush in the bulkhead mounting hole.
All of the brackets do have a cast number of 560241.
Any idea why the hole diameters are different for the TC
Thanks for the info., really appreciated
Could I also add that the brackets are ideal for wedging open the side door of my garage. Both the left side and right side brackets fit perfectly.
Regards George