Electric power steering on P6?

Anyone tried or succeeded in fitting electric power on a P6? Dad loves his car but is finding it more difficult to drive. As the steering box is separate to the steering column, it looks possible. May have to remove the inside of the drivers glove box thingy to make space for the motor. A new top support would have to be made for the severed column and switches. Have an old scrap P6 in the yard. Might have a go.
Interesting. If we decide to do it, which is very likely. will post a step by step fitting if anyone has any interest. At least it has been done.


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Absolutely do a project thread, I already have PAS but really like reading how mods are done, lots of pics please.

How much is left of your scrapper and what model ?
Quite a lot. Bought it to steal the V8 engine for a kit car project we were doing for a guy. After looking the car over it's not that bad. Wings are shot and a bit of floor round the usual sill areas, but nothing new there. Wings don't seem too expensive anyway. Was considering fixing it a using it for competition fun days. We fitted a modern motor in the kit car, so everything is as it was. As usual, too many projects on at once. Will post things as we get on with them in the new year.


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I believe Johan Lowik from the Dutch club has electric power steering from a Corsa fitted in one of his P6's..
Corsa motors seem quite bulky? Would like to see a photo of one fitted as to the location. Cheaper than the other options by quite a lot, if it fits comfortably in the space available. Got a bit of time to research a bit before chopping it up. We will be fitting eps in a Scimitar sprint car first, so lessons may be learnt?