Electric fuel pump for rover 3500S


Is the huco 133010 the good electrical fuel pump for in the engine bay for a 3500 S (185 horse power) p6 rover?

Thanks for your anwer


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That's the one I used, and it works really well.
I sited it next to the washer bottle and ran the new fuel line under the wing.
Don't forget to fit an inertia switch for safety.


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Does the pump's orientation matter? Vertical, horizontal, connections top or bottom - all ok?

PS - looking at places to pick up 12v, I checked the wiring diagram. Seems to me that the coil, warning lights and tacho are on the UNFUSED side of fuse 19-20, where the screen washer, the turn indicators and the stop light switch are on the fused side. Any reason I shouldnt tap off the coil feed, seeing the pump draw is pretty low? Its close and mechanically easy to do.
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