eBay scams


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I bet many of us on this forum look on eBay to see what P6 cars come up for sale out of nothing more than generally idle curiosity. Every few weeks or so the same white and blue rovers come up for sale at a slightly unusual price, and there’s always a photograph of a note next to it saying to contact the seller via an outside email address rather than through eBay. I always report these to eBay as a scam to protect a fellow P6 Rover lover possibly getting scammed. What I don’t understand is as these criminals obviously just keep using the same photos, why can’t eBay use photographic recognition software to prevent the criminals being able to use photos of other peoples cars to scam innocent folk. Seems to me eBay are not really that interested in protecting their customers. The same two or three cars just keep coming up time after time.


They’re interested when it suits them.
I successfully bought some P6 stuff off ebay a few years ago and the seller later messaged me regarding some original Lucas square eight lights he had available.
Within a matter of minutes I received a warning message from the eBay police threatening to close my account if I attempted to purchase items outside of eBay.
The technology is there if they chose to use it.


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Ebay read all the messages, or have an app that picks out certain words and flags them. Big Brother is watching you....

I ordered something and it hadnt arrived a few days after the due date, so I just sent a message to the seller that it hadn't arrived but that I was quite happy to give it another week or so to see what happened, thinking it was better to keep him informed. Ebay read the message and immediately took the money back from the seller and refunded me, which wasn't what I wanted at all.


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Those scammers are everywhere, also outside ebay. I had 4 contacts from scammers in response to a wanted ad in a club magazine here in Oz - 2 from US and 2 from UK. They offered cars actually in UK, trying to suck people in with offers of no customs duty, cheap shipping etc. As soon as you put your email in an ad they will find you.


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Hi, It's good practice to not put email addresses in post on forums or social media because there's software out there trawling for them so they can be sold to scammers.



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Hi, There's a group of guys on a couple of other forums that used to run the bidding up to high prices. That is not what the scammers want, they want to deal privately outside of ebay where your protection is much reduced, so they close the auction ad.