Early Rangie Demo in Oz


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Dont quite recall why, but I got invited to a Demo day with the first RR in Melbourne. In an old quarry so they could show off its ability. Most impressive was the stationery start BACKWARDS up that slope.


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When I went into pay over the dollars for my 72 p6b there was a brand new RR sitting next to mine on the showroom floor. The salesman asked if I'd like to buy the RR for $100 more. I laughed at him and told him that thing was a dead duck in the water. BUMMER!!


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When the RR was first launched my father was working in a remote area in Nigeria and the first Rangies were not quite sorted for extreme off road use. They had a habit of rolling over, and because of the lack of recovery equipment were often left where they laid.
My father accompanied a German colleague in a large convoy to recover one such vehicle that had been spotted abandoned, I think it had had a fire, as my father spent weeks of his spare time re wiring it. In return the German guy gave him a super large pair of binoculars, which I keep near my back door to this day.
The German drove the vehicle home to Germany after his tour ended.