Early NADA 2000TC Crankcase Breather

I have a very early 2000TC that does not have a PCV system. My car looks just like the picture at the end of this thread, with a flat cap on the rear valve cover and a draft tube at the RH front of the engine.

Under my car's flat cap on the valve cover I have a metal gauze filter that seems to be a filter for a different application that has been cut in half. It does not fit well, and I'm hoping that someone can point me to the correct part, and ideally a source for that part.

My apologies for the bad photo of the engine bay, but hopefully you can get the idea.




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An alternative might be to go for the later style breather cap. The hose from that goes to the air housing so shouldn’t be too hard to setup. The breather cap is shared by period Land Rovers and available new.
That is the correct part. Even if you don't actually hook it up, the later breather cap is an improvement because the early cap allows oil to escape under spirited cornering, which then runs down onto the exhaust and fills the car with smoke.

Thanks, Guys, sounds like it's part of the automatic chassis lubrication system. I still think that something has to be wrong with this part, even if it's awfully similar, as it sure does look to be cut-down from something else.