Dying seats

My seats are looking very faded and worn so I've been thinking of dying them so yesterday I got 5 x 200ml brown fabric spray paint and tried it on the center piece of rear seat .
I then did a seat base and ended up using 4 of the cans so I will need over 30 to do all the seats !!!!
I'm very happy with the result so far but I am planning to get a dye that I can dilute and use my electric spray gun . Only problem is I'm not sure if it would look better in black and also black is avalible in larger amounts and cheaper .



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My two favourite seat colours is the black or the red but you have to do what colour you like as you are the one who will have to live with it :D
To be honest I'm not bothered about originality I use the car daily and it's more about enjoying the car and tinkering with it keeping it on the road and tidy
Yes I've got an electric spray gun so going to try with that . I need some for the vynal sides and backs as this stuff is only for fabric .
Ended up using a sponge to apply dye as it was windy today.
It went on well but used all the bottle after only 2 coats on back seats only , need to get more and if I'm honest I reckon I will need to apply more than another 2 coats
Change of plan regarding seat dying , I decided to scrub the vynal sides of seats and while I was doing it the dye fadded in some parts that got damp , not what I thought would happen .
I have washed the dye out with a fabric cleaner and a hose as I thought if it comes of when I touch it with wet hands then if I got in car with a wet coat it would come off onto coat .
Lucky I only done the rear so far , thinking of seat covers instead now as I can't find ant other suitable dye
Oh dear that’s not good years ago people used to dye T shirts
That could be a problem with your clothes on a wet day the dye transfer.
Even secondhand seats you see for sale even if the seat looks good the foam is disintegrating seats are a big problem I think there is a post on here somewhere a guy manages fit Rover 75 seats into a p6.