Door Repairs


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Hi all,

I've spent the majority of my spare time over the last 2 years renovating our house, and while it's still on going I'm starting to feel very guilty about seeing my P6s sitting in the workshop going nowhere. My white car was the pick of the bunch and was in occasional use until I stuck it in the garage last autumn. However, there are a growing number of areas of paint that are poor and there were some poorly performed repairs to some panels. The worst of these are the doors and rear deck panel. The paint micro blistered quite badly on the door tops and the two passenger doors have some rust in the usual spot in the skin by the bottom of the frame. I've resisted stripping the car down as I'm afraid it'll stay that way for ages. I had a stroke of luck a few days ago and found 4 reasonably good doors with bubbling in the same area. The return edge of the skin is also a bit rough at the bottom where it wraps around. I want to repair these doors, which will give me a full set of panels bar one front wing which I donated to another owner in trouble last week. I bought a new 200 litre compressor last night and my plan is (one I fix my MIG) to repair and paint a full set of panels and simply swap them over. There will also be a few minor base unit repairs to do during the swap up front. Once one car is done I can then repair what I've removed and stick them on the next car, or at least that is my plan. I know half skins are available, but as the rust is confined to 2 small enough areas I'd rather patch it. Has anyone done this recently, and how difficult was it? Especially that strip on the inside bottom of the door?