Door Mirrors, Seat belts & headrests.

Hello all, as a newby please excuse me if these questions have been asked many times before.
1. The 1970 TC I have purchased has no door mirrors. And I need both sides to obtain our equivalent of your MOT. I would like the period look. I will have them fitted by my body shop. Any suggestions ?
2. I have the old fixed Britax seat belts. . Would like inertia reel. Is this possible on a series 1 and what brands would you suggest ? I can then search google and see if they are available in Aus.
3. Im getting the seats retrimmed in the original ( as much as possible ) Buckskin colour. Now I would love to get front and rear headrests. I think they look great. I know Waldhams have the rear headrests for trimming. Front ET's seem to come up now and then. However my front seats don't have the "slots ". Could the trimmer insert ET's in the top of each seat and fix them somehow. I know they wouldn't be functional Just appearance only.

Cheers, Lewis


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Seat belts Securon -> Fitting Securon front seat belts.

This is complete with pictures AFAIK these are the only type which will fit early seats without modification. To me they aren't entirely satisfactory as the upper mounting point should be higher with this type of belt, but they are are really pretty good overall.

Door mirrors, the OEM type from the late 60s onwards are Winguard types. The stem of these is P6 specific, the head is fairly generic. There is actually a second head type fitted by Zanetti. Earlier cars would have had wing mirrors.

As for the seats don't know, perhaps find some other seats? I'm surprised they don't have the slot as most as far as I can tell did after 1969 or thereabouts. The rear headrests look great but seemingly have no function whatsoever other than ensure you can't see out of the back window. Add a spare wheel boot kit to complete the effect.