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Door Locks P6

Discussion in 'Bodywork & Interior' started by Jens, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Jens

    Jens Member

    Has anybody knowledge from P6 door locks ?.
    I found next door locks LH and RH in a friend's box without the associated keys.
    It must be pairs because of they are from the cars he broke in parts.
    Who can tell which LH and RH locks are pairs ? or how can otherwise find out ?:
    LH door lock: 816 or 918, 873, 755, 858, 832, 773, 840, 781, 785
    RH door lock: 894, 765, 890, 853, 843, 891 (obviously, some RH door locks are missing)

    Allegedly, The pairs must have one key despite the different numbers LH and RH ?! because of my P6 has one key for both door locks. ( I cant cheque the numbers)
    Asap I know the pairs I have the intention to find the keys (next posting...).
  2. Vern Klukas

    Vern Klukas Member

    Round locks or Teardrop shaped?

  3. clive P62

    clive P62 Active Member

    Both front door locks originally had the same key number ( FR )
    When the time came to replace a faulty lock you ordered one from rover stating the key number
  4. Jens

    Jens Member

    Teardrop locks with cover.
  5. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

    Are you making sets up for other people? The looks like you have about 15 locks there.

    There is a way replace the levers in the locks using donor locks or adjusting the existing ones to accept a key to match a pair.

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