Door Issues

How annoying! Noticed issue with passenger front door today that will require rectification. I am obviously going to have to strip the door card off to see what is going on however hoping from my description someone one might know what I should look for once the card is off. The door will open perfectly with the push button from the outside however you do seem to have to press the button fully for this to happen. I notice on the drivers door when you let go of the push button naturally the latch reverses its position. Sadly on the affected door this does not happen, I am having to rotate the latch manually to be able to shut the door from the outside. With the door open operating the lever from the inside again the latch alternates between its positions as it should. Presumably there is a fault where the push button is able to release the latch mechanism but not allow it to spin to its closed setting when the button is released. I have 2 spare doors but they are really nice and complete so I am hoping not to have to raid parts off one of these to fix. So, any pointers greatly appreciated


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That sounds like the return spring in the lock unit is broken. You normally find the door doesn't want to close properly as well when this is the case and lock replacement is the only fix if it is.