Door glass seals / rubbers


I've searched the forum (since this must have come up before, without a doubt!) but can't find the answer to my question: where can I obtain new / reproduced rubbers for the outside of the door windows? And in fact, rubbers of any sort?


Tom W

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It’s the scraper seal that runs along the bottom of the side windows on the outside of the glass. Original Rover seals were moulded, with rounded ends, and cutouts to clear the quarter light frames. Some replacements are from an extruded section, so you have to trim them to fit, not ideal.

Does anyone know if any of the modern replacements are correctly moulded, or are they all extruded section?

Tom W

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Depressing. We do seem to be struggling for rubber parts for the P6.

I replaced my handbrake gaiter a couple of years back. The replacement was much harder than the original, had a nasty shiny finish, and had a poorly finished join line which actually had a slight split in it. I glued the split section, and tidied the join line, but predictably, it failed in fairly short order, but not where it had been glued. I forget now which supplier it came from.


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i orderd waist seals and door rubbers through a business (ABC ALL BRITISH CARS Parts) now defunct run by Ruth Burgess out of Vancouver she is a member of the Cdn Rover Club, i believe she got them from OLD SCOTT`S rubbers from AUS, they are certainly well made and maybe stiffer than original, they have been on the car for 5 yrs.