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Hi Everyone,

It's been a couple of years since I did anything silly to raise money for a good cause. I'm two years older, and not as fit as I was back then, but on october 14th I'm running The Royal Parks Half Marathon in london to raise money for 'Ambitious about Autism'.

Those of you that know me well will know my daughter Phoebe has a diagnosis of ASD. She's very bright but suffers massively with anxiety and a lot of things children her age would normally cope with. These guys show best practice in how to look after autistic children and to make sure they get the education they should get.

If anyone donates here: Virgin Money Giving | royal parks half marathon I'd be very grateful for your support.




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Well done Rich, you are a braver man than me! I have donated, trying to get you to the £500 target, but due to my poor maths it's 501!


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Thanks to those who sponsored me for the half marathon.

I completed the very damp half marathon yesterday morning in 2 hours and 26.

In total as you can see at Virgin Money Giving | royal parks half marathon

We’ve raised £950 for a charity which is working hard to level the playing field for autistic children. It means a lot to have had all of your support.

A photo to show how wet we were before we even started:


(no after photo because the phone was soaked!)

And the proof I did it from the royal parks website.

2018 - Royal Parks Half Marathon - Chip Timing : Chip Timing

Just remember… there’s nothing more inspiring than being overtaken by a guy in a furry elephant costume!

Thanks again everyone J