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DIY plating kits

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by arthuy, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

  2. classicalgreen

    classicalgreen Active Member

    looks good . tempted in fact. got a lot that can be done on a rover P6b but ideally starting with small jobs to build up confidence etc .sadly though a good site the 'how to ..' vidoe bits failed to work . possibly my PC issue? as using apple mac and flash player .
  3. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

    I had to watch them on chrome as they dont show in my mozilla browser.
  4. corazon

    corazon Well-Known Member

    Plating video only plays on Chrome, eerie
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  5. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

    I bought one years ago to do the yellow passivating stuff on the Rover, but never got around to it :oops:

    Dangerous chemicals, but looked like it would do smaller stuff, like brackets, bolts, slave cylinders etc. Nowhere near big enough to do the servo, which was what I actually bought it for :cool:

  6. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    Exactly what i did.
    I still hope through that one day i will give it a try.
  7. colnerov

    colnerov Well-Known Member

    Hi, The yellow was Cadmium passivating which you can't do or get done nowadays because it's a heavy metal, far too dangerous!! The yellow finish now is I believe a colouring agent in the Zinc plating process.

  8. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    I used a similar cad plating kit on my brake servos a few years back. It was a fair amount of work. You need to be scrupulous in preparation. I think 'd done everything right but had areas that flaked after a few months. You need to think carefully about anode placement in the bath for an even coverage. I must admit I stripped the servo bodies and painted in two pack last year as I wasn't happy with the way the finish aged. This was a good few years ago and it may well be better now. I also freely admit that I mucked up the pickling process before plating.
  9. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

  10. clive P62

    clive P62 Active Member

    Ive recently had my new/ old stock front and rear calipers and a few servo casings replated by a local old school platers.
  11. roverp5Bcoupe

    roverp5Bcoupe Member

    In Holland there are several company's who can do plating of parts. I send them a parcel with parts and 2 weeks later i get these zinc plated. I believe the parts are in the bath in a rotating drum and before this the parts are being degreased.
    I pay between 50 and 80 euro's for it. You should not bring too small badges as order costs are approx Euro 30,-. The quality is very good and it lasts well. The disadvantage you cannot send single parts as that is becoming expensive.
  12. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

    I only really want to do brackets and parts like that.

    I used a paint from frost that was quite good. silver cadmium effect. It has lasted well on my P5b servo and looks like it should be there.

    Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol (340g)
  13. Barten

    Barten Member

    I would say that if you don't have a good plater nearby like Roverp5bcoupe has, you are better off using spray cans. I used the silver cad from Eastwood and added just a little hint of gold colour, and it looks very much like ist cadmium plated.
    Regards, Barten

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