Differential Backlash


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Hi, I've just taken the driveshafts out of my 3500 (I'm going to changing the U/Js) and I'm surprised that I can turn the inner driveshaft about 10mm before the other one begins to move. This feels like a lot of backlash in the diff and it clonks. Is this a normal amount of 'slop'? Thanks. James.


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Hey do you need some driveshaft U/J's ?
I have two new ones from WINS that I did not use when doing mine, still in wrappers, cost 50 quid delivered, will cut you a deal if you want them.

Your lash does not sound too bad.


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Oh dear. I don't think the backlash matters now. I was investigating a big oil leak and found 2 U/Js were very stiff / seized and I guess that's set up vibration that has cracked the diff case. IMG_0309.jpg


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Thank you Harvey. I'd rather not fit a random second hand diff (even though mine clonks a bit) so I'll do as you advise.


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I had the Diff bevel gear cross shaft come loose & break on my Land Rover , punched a hole in the axles case. fortunately replaced under warranty


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Quite a few of the other tab washers look like they have 'opened up' or weren't bent over at some stage. I've had the car 23 years and no one has been inside the diff in that time. I have no experience with differentials. Does this look like I should change the diff for an unknown second hand one or put the bolts back in and put a new cover on?


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I'd knock the bearing track out of your damaged casing, fit it into a good s/h one, refit the bolts, (with Loctite) wash all the bits off, put it all back together and see what happens. It's the cheapest way, and if you buy a used diff to get the casing you need, you still have the rest of that to use if you need to.
Limited garage time means slow progress but this isn't the bolts coming undone but they have sheered off. Any ideas why that would that happen? IMG_0332 copy.jpg IMG_0325 copy.jpg