Decent Welders around Malton/Pickering Area

You may recall my Morris Oxford is being recommisioned up in Yorkshire at the moment. Mechanically the job is all but complete & she's now waiting for the sills & front outriggers to be replaced.
Steve Turner who has been doing the work had to give up welding on his doctors advice & now normally has it done by a friend of his who is very adept at the work but is currently undertaking a new venture with a pub & has no time for the welding work Steve has lined up for him, three cars with mine second in the queue after a Riley Kestrel. He's having trouble finding a suitable firm up there apparently, the exception being Malton Coachworks, the problem being the £70 ph labour charge which is a factor that Steve, being a good Yorkshireman finds a tad excessive & l can't say l blame him. ;)
I'd rather get the job done while Steve has the car so if anyone in the area knows of a firm in the general Yorkshire area that they can recommend to carry out the work then can you let me know & l can give him the details so he can check them out. Thanks.
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