de dion tube


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I can tell you that it's the same as the filler and drain plugs on the manual gearboxes across all cars if that makes it easier for you to find one.

Wins should have plenty.


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Hi Dennis, I found the box full of gearbox bits but although the main case is still there, it doesn't have the drain or filler plugs fitted, so you're still looking I'm afraid.
If you're willing to wait on the post, I can sent you one from here in BC. Like Harvey, I need to find the box but unlike Harvey I know I have a bunch of them.

I'll have a look over the weekend. I know I have quite a few - just need to find them...
(Payment would be a donation to the forum - haven't done that for a while.)
Found one! (Well 2 actually, but one take a larger spanner size so would look silly on a de dion tube.
If you'd like to PM me your address I'll pop it in the post on Monday.