Dash board trim questions...

Few queries:

Firstly, I'm missing these two pieces, if anybody can help you I'd be very grateful.

Secondly, why won't this fit? I've taken the knobs off and re-seated it but it still wont push up flush against the clock. It seems a long way away from the two metal prongs that I presume are supposed to hold it in place.

Thirdly, am I missing some trim from the underside of the dash pad?

Lastly, why do I have the a massive gap between the dash top pad and the cluster? Could drive a lorry through that! I hear some people fill it with a length of door seal or some such?



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The end panel should be on the dash side of those two rubber covered pins not the outside like you have it.

AFAIK you're not missing anything from the underside of the dashtop.

There's normally a foam piece along the top of the binnacle. You can adjust the binnacle upwards on the mounting screws.
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