D-Post mod. photo request

Evening all,

I have seen in an earlier post but cannot place the photo(s) showing a scissor jack in situ for the adjustment of the D-post to suit rear wheel /tyre fouling.

I would much appreciate a copy of any photo to provide guidance of jack positioning.
Thanking you,


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I'm going to have to do the same on the LHS of Brown Rover. Some (slightly) spirited B-road cornering has produced the odd momentary rub from the new 205 section tyre. Nothing from the RHS though, which is probably testimony to the slight asymmetricality of the car. Can anybody advise as to whether the jack technique cured the problem?


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That technique has certainly worked for Lucky! As you're jacking, don't worry about the front bottom corner of the rear wing moving outwards. A "Solihull knee" cures that in a nanosecond flat!



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Yes, but you live in Bristol. You probably had one nearby. I'm going to have to give it a quick kick with the heel of a Red Band.


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When I click on a link on this forum I always get 'internal server error ' come up and can never access the vital info...….. is this what everyone else gets ?


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Ah ……… the plot thickens

No doubt it's the old school keeping the secret's t' themselves, only to be gently prised away at the bar with lubrication aplenty :)