Custom '72 Cameron Green (not for long) Auto


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Here's some photos I took today of the green hornet in her current state of work. Also our '90 eunos roadster in racing green



I know you say not 'Cameron green' for long but is the car staying green in another shade maybe? I only ask as I've been thinking of respraying my 3500 in british racing green. The trouble is though I installed a nice new green carpet in preparation for the overall colour change, and now I'm having second thoughts!.

Nice Eunos roadster by the way. I used to have one as well:



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It will always stay green :mrgreen:
The top contender is a 70s corvette colour Dark Metallic Green:

There is a brand new 2014 corvette colour Lime Rock green metallic which is very similar and perhaps easier to get hold of..

There's also Fathom green another 60/70s chevy colour, which goes from black to deep green in different lights..

Another option was dragonfly green pearl, a Harley colour..

Will we seem to have similar tastes! The racing green is really nice on Brenten's car (billoddie on here ) very deep..
Did you get you green carpet set from danbury (?) on ebay?
Do you not want it? I was planning on ordering one to compliment the paintwork