Couple of my non rovers

Very nice Transit's there, lovely livery on the first. I used to be the TV/video installer at the local Rediffusion workshop & had the Mk2 Transit for my company car. SWB normally, but we also had a LWB, high roof with single rear wheels & the 2 litre (Pinto?) engine which went like a scalded cat & could top the ton (ask me no questions). It sounded great too due to the soundbox qualities of the van body. Petrol was then replaced with a brand new SWB diesel with steel partition & window, rear hatch & side-load door. We had some fine old times in those vans, myself & various chums (some of the female variety :twisted: ). Weekends away & jolly japes were had by all including on one occasion pulling up outside the local Pizza Hut, three of us leaving the cabin, then me opening the side door to allow fourteen more people to exit the van to gain access to various pizzas.

Halcyon days


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Very nice. What sort of motor is in the long nose one? My Dad had an Aussie built one years ago. It had the same bull nose but there was a 4.1 litre 6 cylinder and auto trans in it. He had it set up as a camper.
When it died he replaced it with a NZ built CF Bedford jumbo with dual wheels, a wide alloy body and a factory fitted Holden 3.3 litre 6.


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[quoteI believe it's a twin-cam six cylinder of approximately 4.2 litres capacity.][/quote]

Smartarse! :LOL:
You know I was talking about the Transit. Besides, the Jag is a series 3 V12 one isn't it?
Mind you, a Transit with a 4.2 Jag lump... :shock: :shock:


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I think you're right: IIRC the Series 2 (with the 4.2) has the front bumper continue right across the grille. Can the OP enlighten us?

So, taking your thoughts one step further... how about a Transit with a 5.3 litre V12?


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Larger slatted grille and the wheelarch flares give it away.
Ford did build the Transit Supervan on a GT40 chassis, that was pretty cool.
I once almost bought a Vauxhall Victor with a Jag V12 in it...
:D thanks for the interest lads, the green van was originally a perkins 4108 diesel, i know ford did make them for the Australian market with 6 cylinder yank engines but never for the home market, it now has a 2.4 duratorq engine and gearbox from a 2004 125t350 transit, goes very well indeed !! the white transit is original in every way and has its v4 1.7 cc motor that it was built with and is a real pleasure to drive as long as your not in a hurry ! oh and motorways are to be avoided :LOL: the jag has its original 5.3 v12 and auto box , it drives well but if im being honest i prefer the transits ! and the transits create a lot more interest when your out than the jag does. :D
I had a 1970 E type hired for me a couple of months ago in Ireland, the response from people was incredible. I got stopped in a car park for people to take photos, kids to sit in it, etc etc, there is still something that stops people in their tracks when that enormous bonnet comes into view.
Well, it wasn't actually a forgotten car, nor a barn find. The original owner, who bought it in 1965 then used it regularly up to 1980 before taking it off the road, knew full well what he had stored in his lock-up.