Coolant Temp Gauge Stays In White Area

Hey guys,

As per thread title, my car's coolant temp doesn't seem to move out of the white area on the gauge even when ambient temperature last Saturday was mid 20's here.

Likely to be the thermostat stuck open? If so, for a replacement, high flow or not? (Tridon TT2000-180 Vs Dayco DT14A-BP)

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Hi Stefan,

It could be a 74-degree stat and/or it has been filled with holes, or it could be as you surmise, stuck open.

Go with a standard thermostat for the Rover. The best by far that I have ever used is Calorstat made in France by Vernet.
I will come back shortly with some details for an 82-degree item.



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Why not check it the old fashioned way? Remove it, likely it is marked and then put it in a pan of water and heat it with a thermometer.

If you have or can borrow a IR thermometer, you don't even need to take it out. I have one from Aldi.

If it is really THAT cold I'd question if you had one at all.