Cool sticker


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My neighbour, who is a graphic designer and also a good egg, and also clever made this up for me today, it's a screen shot as I have just emailed the file to my friendly decal guy to make it for me. Cool eh !!


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Shoulda altered all the specifications to make it totally personalised to your car.

Somewhere (who knows where....) have a NOS one of those for mine.


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One day we will meet and if the scar's have not faded you will see.
BTW we usually go out together ..............................


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So it was you .......
Bloody hell

Where were the body guards, the personal protection squad ?

Talk about keeping a low profile - man you were in the grass !


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Very nice, I have to change mine for the EFI set up, but may wait til the jag diff is in :)

The bottom corner says, "Limited Edition," and does provide a great deal of conversation at shows :)



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There you go, all the time in the presence of greatness, and never having a clue.......

My profile is lower than a snake's belly....
I blame your accomplice for introducing you as 'Cousin Wilf '
Even the Missus is gutted !
I may have to return to the Metropolis to right a serious wrong, and bow before the Maestro.