Compressor/air tools @ Aldi 14th March.

I've got one in blue , 4 or 5 years old and still good .I'm sure it was £69.99 with blow gun , 2 spray guns and air hose etc
Those air tools are cheap as well .How can you lose with a 3 year guarantee


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Spec says:-

Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Maximum pressure: 8 bar
Air displacement: 270l/min, 9.5CFM
24 litre tank
Power: 1.8KW
Speed: 2850rpm
Weight: approx. 30kg

Must admit I am tempted. Having an impact wrench and one of those little air powered cut off saws that gets into tight spaces would be good. Not to mentioning nibbler etc. etc. How often is "occassionally" Rich and do they work OK with saws?

Has anyone tried one of these for spray painting? Although 9.5CFM is reasonable for a small compressor, is this on the low side for HVLP guns? However, I am wondering if 8 bar (>100PSI) is enough to use a high pressure gun?


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Whitewash said:
bugger im skint after the welder purchase but those air tools look spot on for ocassional use
:LOL: My only problem would be hiding it from the Missus..... I could smuggle it into the garage OK but she would be straight out to see what that bl**!dy racket is the first time I start it up.


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How often is "occassionally" Rich and do they work OK with saws?
It works fine. You'll undo a bolt or 3. Then you wait for 30 seconds and undo another one. Mine was £79 without extra tools. For that i'd buy it again.

The nibbler isnt that great but the other tools are all good.

Never tried spraying with it...



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I was planning on getting one of these when the time comes (just noticed it's no longer available from this seller :x )

• Air displacement: 9.5cfm
• Motor: 2.5HP, 230V
• Air receiver: 24 litre
• MWP: 116psi
• Heavy duty oil lubricated pump
• Fully automatic control
• Fitted with fully adjustable air outlet pressure regulator
• 2 Air outlets
• Dimensions (L) 600mm x (W) 290mm x (H) 645mm
• Weight: 29Kg


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That Wolf is identical to my Aldi yellow one, came with the same kit, except I bought mine marked down at Aldi for £39.99, it was a last one some weeks after a special buy promotion. I didn't need it, but at that price? I gave my old 1.5hp one to my nephew. Result all round :LOL: .


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The wrench isn't on sale this time but it gave up the ghost yesterday. So all the exhaust manifold bolts have gone on by hand.
I've sprayed panels using a Clarke 1.25HP 25 litre compressor so I'd expect the Aldi/Wolf compressor to have no problem
I don't think it would cope with HVLP guns but I could be wrong


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The spot blaster was something I couldn't get to terms with, I would probably have fared better trying Clearasil on my rust spot. It might have been the material used, at sometime in the future I'm going to try it with soda crystals.

I think I'm considering it more for smallish, more intricate cleaning tasks than ferrous oxide obliteration. :LOL:
And it's only a tenner.

I'm assuming the air tools aren't on sale before Thursday as well as the compressor.
The offers start on the day advertised .You might find them on sale in following weeks but don't bank on it.Best get there quick as the compressors tend to sell quickly