Collapsible Spacer Collapsing


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What happens if the wheel bearing spacer is not crushed adequately upon refit. I had sub par work bench facilities and I don't think I got one of them enough. Of course subsequently using the fishing scales and string was not a precision calibration procedure....

Obviously, it is not wobbling off. But could unpleasantness result? Bear in mind my car is a garage ornament and does few miles. Shameful but true.


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Hi Adrian,

If you feel that you have not tightened it enough, and the scales bear that out with the pull required being less than the minimum pre load specified, why not tighten the nut a little more?



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amcdonald said:
It is back on the car. not sure how I could effectively tighten it more, if that would be recommended...
You can tighten it up more easily enough, the problem is that with the halfshaft hooked up to the diff you can't accurately use your fishing scales and string because of all of the extra drag.