Classic car breakdown cover

Looking for recommendations for a good reliable company to take out breakdown cover with, for my 1971 p6.
My insurance has breakdown cover included but past experience using that company was rubbish, leaving both myself and my wife high and dry, hence I want a separate breakdown cover.
with any breakdown cover you are somewhat limited by luck of the draw as to how good the attending patrol is, or even how old they are! most patrols are of such an age they dont have a clue about points and carbs.

other than the AA and RAC, the rest are very small concerns and like green flag rely on local garages, for instance if you call green flag you will get a bloke in a green flag liveried vehicle, but he will actually be a mechanic from a local garage, where as AA and RAC patrols actually work for the company concerned, me id go with the AA simply because they are a nationwide concern and have way more patrols than the nearest similar competition the RAC
I'm with the AA. I've had to call them out three times to classics and in every case the patrol was very knowledgeable, helpful, diagnosed the fault correctly and sent me on my way, even though in two of the cases they had never seen an example of the car before. People with those sort of diagnostic skills are rare and certainly not often found in local garages these days.
I had to use the cover provided by RH classic insurance on Thursday when my Land Rover developed a fault with its Perkins diesel engine. The local chap they sent out was a proper old school mechanic who was not only familiar with Land Rovers but also knew his way around Perkins engines! In the past I've had to use the same company for my P6 and been relayed home very efficiently by a friendly Polish chap who was very pleased to be dealing with a "proper" car.


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I've been with the RAC for some time now. It covers me and my girlfriend in any car that we happen to be in.. and I've certainly made use of it a lot in the past with both classic and modern cars. Well worth the money.
only had one recovery with the old girl ( just after buying it !). a helpful recovery guy who treated it like very expensive Ferrari or Aston in fact . even a kid( about 15) riding by on his bike when it was being unloaded commented with "nice wheels guv".
That was when cover was provided by my bank as part of having an account premium.since retiring and changing accounts .( violin music starting now ..) reduced to covering roadside assistance only. checked my cover with Footman James and was surprised to note that too only recovers to a garage or destination within a ten Mile radius!
so will be looking to update to get recovery to destination /home. many garages won't have spares for old cars or even possible want to fix ! so ideally taking our car to place we want it to end up is best!
will have to do a bit of research though may even email footman James see how much the RAC cover will cost to upgrade to full recovery rather than to local garage.
My classic cover with Peter James purports to cover breakdown and recovery in the UK and Europe, although I haven't had occasion to put either to the test, (touch wood!)
My classic cover with Peter James purports to cover breakdown and recovery in the UK and Europe, although I haven't had occasion to put either to the test, (touch wood!)
I suggest that when you have a spare minute, put the service's number into your mobile phone (if you haven't already) and give them a test call to see if it's answered quickly or put in a queue.