Chrome rostyles


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Last attempt for my favourite wheels !
Does anyone have an - excellent - set of chrome Rostyles they are interested in selling.
I will pay sensible money for the right set - but no 'speckley' chrome 'good for their age' etc please.
Ideally the proper P6 V8 14" 5.5's - but if excellent might settle for P5 15".
Please pm if you have that elusive set.

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Thanks Dave,
They look quite good but.....
Seller is also advertising a (decent) interior @ £695 !

Regards Mark
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It is just Bri Barker, I dont think he comes on the forum much but is on FB if you have a look on the P6 club page. Might have sold them now though.


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Unless you really want lower profile/wider tyres then do your best to get the 14" type. They look surprisingly different due to the dishing being more radical.

Personally if they didn't look so good, mine would go in the bin. Possibly the worst wheel ever. 19kg a piece, they leak through the rivets, they are a bugger to keep clean, they rust (on the inside and out!), you'll forever be having arguments with fitters about inner tubes and worst of all they are the least true rims I've ever encountered. This is less bad now you can use adhesives and weights on the inside but years ago they'd look silly with half a pound on lead on the outside. The 14" SD1 alloy is so much nicer and smoother over every bump, albeit unoriginal. Not sure whether I'll keep mine, 3 of the 4 have very good chrome, the other is fair.
I have organised for my set to be re-rimmed with American chrome rims, with the centres rechromed and welded in. The rims require rolling down 2mm but the weight saving is enormous, 8-12KG per wheel. Mine cost AUS $360 without the black inserts which are looking like costing another $300 each (for the paint and special to-chrome primer treatment + the tedious masking as the pressing isn't straight...). I'd be happy to do the legwork here for anyone wanting to ship a set of centres over to AUS. Obviously the price would vary if there was a larger number of wheels to make and we'd have to ship whole wheels back of course.