charging and mixture/choke warning lights.

Please explain what you mean by "Key start", I don't understand the term with reference to the P3 , ignition switch has two positions as far as I am aware, off & on
The normal procedure is turn the key on, then press the push button just above the key to start the motor,but what is happening now is the motor is turning over with out the button being pressed thanks again. Derrick.Smith (deckell)


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So the starter motor is running all the time the ignition is on?
Looking at the wiring diagram, there should be one wire , White with Red trace that goes to the starter from the S connecter on the ignition/starter switch . The two white wires from the ignition and choke warning lights plus the white wire from the A3 on The RF95 control box should be connected to IGN terminal on the ignition/starter switch. Two Brown/Blue trace wires ,one from the A1 terminal on the RF95 , the other from the Lighting switch , go to the A terminal on the ignition/starter switch.
It sounds to me you have the wires mixed up somewhere giving power to the starter all the time.