Capel Manor Classic and Vintage Car show – Sunday Sept 5th


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Hey there P6ers in and around North London. I'm going to this Classic and Vintage Car Show at Capel Manor Gardens this coming Sunday. It would be great to meet any other P6ers from this neck of the woods! If you see and my Blue Meanie, say hi!


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I might be helping to drop off some military vehicles there soon actually, not sure if it’s a different show today or not?


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Crikey! I was hoping to just plot up peacefully, and maybe have a friendly chat with a few other Rover owners. I had no idea there'd be tanks and howitzers and Apache helicopter displays and goodness knows what else going on! I hope the place is big enough that we're not going to be parked up in the line of fire!!! :eek:o_O;)


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I know what you mean Al. I am at a VW show promoting our auto adhesive range. Some bloke turned up in a monster truck and drove over some parked cars, loud music all night and a bunch of lads racing souped up cars making a right racket. Then one bloke turned up with a jet engine in a car!!
It's a lovely place, the manor. Great gardens which you would expect as it's an agricultural college.
We're busy today though as from Wednesday to Sunday we'll be here with a trade stall:

So still preparing for that. We'll be mostly clearing out my wife's shop for the event & we have half the lounge full of stock too so are hoping for great things, weather included. :)
I was hoping to have my A60 estate & trailer ready to go but neither are & actually, l don't think they would have offered enough load space anyway, so we've hired a Transit. Not ideal being a modern one but it wasn't as expensive as l thought & we'll disguise it with camouflage netting & flags (including a huge hanging motor show flag l have with the Rover badge on it). It's actually a condition from the organisers unless you want to put your van in the car park.
We're hoping to do a lot more of these events so l'll be experimenting with the Oxford & various sized trailers as having suitable transport is half the fun.

By the way, if anyone has some old school (rope/canvas) camouflage netting lying around that they don't want, we're in the market. ;)
No, it's the modern plastic stuff. We bought some of that. The proper old netting is popular with the re-enactment groups so there doesn't seem to be much out there.
Thanks anyway.


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An excellent day was had. There were so many great vehicles to nerd out over I neglected to take a single photo. I went with a mate who did snap photos, so if he sends me a few I'll share them here. Capel Manor is a lovely place, the gardens are fabulous. I'm already looking forward to attending this event again next year!