Can't identify the part on the engine block


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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know what that part is for? It's below the exhaust manifold. Looks like it's something that can be adjusted, with a lock nut. I have good access to it now, and would like to get it checked/corrected. I looked in the repair manual, but couldn't find anything there. It just shows the engine drawing with that nut.

Thanks in advance!

I don't know for sure but given its proximity to the oil filter I would say it's the oil pressure relief valve. Someone more learned will be along to say, if only to correct me. ;)
Yes its for the oil pressure relief valve setting , Its in the manual how to set it, Should open at about 55 to 65psi at about 2000 rpm , You can see it in the cross sectional engine drawing in the Rover manual . Page A-2-3 in mine
Got it. Thanks a lot, guys! Nothing to worry about so far, I'll leave it untouched with peace of mind. Great forum! These cars are very old, but there is plenty of people here who are ready to help, and help quickly.