Bw35 sump gasket

I'm in the process of replacing the sump gasket on my auto box and I'm undecided which one to use, Cork or new materials, I also don't know whether to put a smidgin of sealant on which ever gasket I use, advice needed please


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I've always used cork, but that was from years back to more recently, when new offerings have come on the scene, which I've not had experience of, and have heard some reports that they're not all they are cracked up to be.


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The book lists 8-13 lb/ft for type 35 box. Settings this low can be hard to judge without a suitable torque wrench, or a very experienced hand. For similar low torques I use a 1/4 drive socket bar torque wrench with an overall low range of torques, as larger wrenches will not be accurate at the extremes of adjustment. The issue is the problem of squeezing out the cork gasket, and the bolts easily loosening off from low torques....IMHO. Noting a previous post about the inneffectiveness of spring washers, I try to find flange headed bolts with teeth on the flange- helpful in stopping the sump bolts loosening off.
Seal each and every thread on the main case, I go wrist tight and then another half, any more tends to squash out the gasket around the bolt location.
They will need another tweak after a few runs due to alloy and steel.