BW35 Rear housing leak


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I have meticulously prepped and fitted a new gasket twice now on the rear housing but still get drips from it so as i have the trans out i am going to have yet another go at it although design wise i think it would have benefitted from and extra bolt at the bottom but is anyone using a paper gasket sealant or maybe a thicker gasket ?
I think the oil i have been using is not helping any with leaks, i was advised by JPAT to use Dexron III (There was a container of Dexron II in the boot when i bought the car) when i got the new clutches and bands from them which should be fine as clutch materials have changed since the 60's but it is still an old transmission built with large tolerances compared to new ones so I have now bought some Eurol ATF 33 F/G to refill so will no longer be using Dexron III.


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I can't think of any way that fitting a thicker gasket would have any adverse effect on anything else, so I'd say that it would be worth trying if all other efforts have failed to cure the leak. I wouldn't use any sealant though, except maybe a thin smear of wellseal, which IIRC is the only BW recommended sealer.

PS I have heard of badly cast main casings leaking at the rear so check that as well.


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So i eventually got the car back on the road and runs good on the Eurol ATF 33 F/G , the oil doesn't get as hot as the Dexron did , 10℃ lower temp. Fitted a slightly thicker gasket (0.85 as opposed to the 0.50 ) on the rear housing with a smear of paper gasket sealant on it and no leaks so far.