BW35 Kickdown Cable crimp

Hi been driving my 2200 SC 1975 for many years with the kickdown cable broken. Got a cable recently, at the adjuster end there is a tiny metal tube sliding on the cable, this has been crimped tightly on the old cable so it didn't move. It all looks fairly straightforward to change but can find no reference in Haynes as to when in the process or where this tube should be crimped. Maybe measure the old location and fix the new in that ? Any ideas, I'm sure this must have been covered somewhere so please point me to the right thread. Steve


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You need to set the cable adjustment correctly before setting the crimp on the inner cable, so once the cable is correctly set it's not worth bothering with the crimp IMHO. Most of the ones that have been crimped are in the wrong place anyway. The throttle linkage needs to have the bushes in good condition, and the cable set so that the heel of the cam in the box is back against the valve, but there is no slack in the cable. In that case as soon as the throttle pedal is depressed, the cam starts moving, but the heel of the cam isn't away from the valve at rest.