BW 35 overhaul


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Can anyone recommend a company that can check over / overhaul my box - which will be removed from car - in Berkshire area ?
The box has cherry red fluid and performed ok on a short drive 5 years ago but during lay up leaks a lot of fluid.
Read articles posted previously and assumed converter draining causing leak.

After a layup that long it is no surprise that it has leaked fluid, you are right about the convertor draining back.
If it worked well before the lay up, then change the oil and use it for a while, see how it performs.
If it ain't broke then.............
Also sent you a PM.


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Why would you change the fluid ? If it is "cherry red" then that's how it should look , you will loose the friction material that is suspended in it from the clutches and bands wearing if you change it . Often problems with slipping occur just after changing the fluid for this reason . If their are no known problems then use it and the fluid will find it's level between the converter and the box , then check the level is correct and run it on , you might find it'll settle down and the leaks will get better , or they may be minor seals around selector shafts etc that can be dealt with fairly easily .
Oils degrade over time, as a precaution for any vehicle that has had a lay up for long periods, i would certainly reccomend replacing the service items as a matter of course.
Personally i would drop the sump and take a look, but thats just me.
You dont need to replace the convertor, only have this looked at if its causing problems.
ATF is not an oil , so it does not degrade in the same way as engine or EP oils . If the colour is right and it has no burnt smell , I agree with Stina and others - leave well alone and see what happens when the fluid is pumped around everywhere it should be


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Thanks all for advice.
On reflection I will leave box alone at present other than external cleaning.
I can change fluid / filter at a later date when refitted if necessary.