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BW 35 or 65??

Discussion in 'Rover P6 Gearboxes and drivetrain' started by prospect8816, May 17, 2018.

  1. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    If my memory serves me well then this message is more up HarveysP6's avenue.

    My car is a 1974 P6B 3500 v8 auto, and I can't remember whether the gearbox is a BW 35 or the later type 65?

    The reason i'm asking is twofold. 1) I require a "Reversing Light Switch" as mine is duff. and 2) I need to know about the correct gearbox No: in order to obtain the switch! I require this switch for the MOT even though the law says I don't need one, I still am!

    Also, last Sunday I was driving the car towards Horsted Keynes & BlueBell Line railway, and as I descended Pyecombe Hill towards the B2112 Ditchling Rd, I pressed the brake pedal & it went straight to the floor. You can imagine my panic as I pumped the pedal furiously and managed to stop the car. After recovery, I/we returned home. Upon raising the bonnet I was surprised to see brake fluid gushing out of the pot! Blockage??

    As usual, any help for these 2 problems is greatly appreciated.

  2. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    A 1974 car could be either box, so have a look at the dipstick position, BW35 is driver's side, BW65 is passenger side. (RHD)

    You won't need reversing lights for the MOT. They were never part of the test, but have now become testable, but AFAIK that's for cars from 2010 onwards.

    If you had fluid coming out of the reservoir it could be a master cylinder fault.
  3. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Thank you HarveyP6 for your prompt reply.
    The dipstick is on the passenger side, so is a BW65. I had a feeling it was, but nice to have it confirmed.
    Re reversing lights, you state AFAIK for cars from 2010 onwards. How certain are you HarveyP6? As I were told by a friend that it applied to all cars irrespective of age?

    Re fluid coming out of reservoir, yes you are correct, it is the master cylinder that's at fault! My car is now at my mechanic being rectified. So thank you for that.

  4. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    I read it on the DVLA website. It's actually anything registered from september 2009 onwards that will get them checked on the MOT. If you think about it most 1974 cars didn't have them anyway.
  5. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Ok, thanks for putting things straight. Next time I see my friend i'll be able to set him straight!

  6. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    From the new tester's manual:

    4.6 Reversing lamps
    4.6.1 Condition and operation
    You must inspect all reversing lamps fitted to vehicles first used from 1 September 2009.

    Reversing lamps must show a white light to the rear. On some vehicles it may be necessary to have the engine running before the reversing lamps will work.

    One or two reversing lamps may be fitted, but they must all work.
  7. Penguin

    Penguin Member

    iirc you test them, but they are only considered a minor defect, so the car wont actually fail on them anyway
  8. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Ok, many thanks for the info.
  9. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Thanks for the information, good to know.

  10. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Hi, just to let you know what the problem was with my car.

    The culprit was a seized front off-side calliper and the Brake master cylinder was at fault!

    Have now a new master cylinder and new front brake callipers, f/ o/& n/side plus new S/Steel brake lines/hoses.

    Now at least I can stop!

    As per Reversing lights, as mentioned by other members, will not fail the MOT, as not required.

    Many thanks to all members who commented.

  11. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Just to let you know, took my car for it's annual MOT last Tuesday 5/6/18. Result: Passed! As usual.
    And no mention of reversing lights! So all's well! However, upon looking at the underside of the car (Tester allowed me to do that), I noticed a lot of oil on & around the sump as well as off to the off-side "Steering box??

    Any thoughts as to what is causing this oil "leak"?
  12. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Engine or gearbox sump? Engine- clean out the engine breather system, gearbox- you could try nipping up the bolts, but don't go too mad.
    Steering box could well be leaking, manual or PAS?
  13. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Hi, my car has PAS.

    I would have thought that the sump ( engine) bolts may already be too tight, and may have squeezed the cork gasket up?
  14. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Clean around the PAS box then look for leaks, and check out the engine breather system as I suggested before.
  15. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Many thanks for all the information. Unfortunately, I am partly disabled with a spinal operation that wasn't a great success and a right knee replacement that also was not a success. All this coupled with my age ( I'm 73) makes getting under or bending over a bit of a problem!
    So thank you Harveyp6, but I'm afraid I shall have to decline all that you suggest.
    What I will do is pass on your suggestions to my mechanic, which means that I shall have to pay up, as usual in order to get anything done!
  16. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Harveyp6, I'm sorry, I didn't say all that I said just to play on your emotions. I thought I would mention it just in case you thought I was just saying that. Unfortunately, it's all true. I have debilitating pain in my back & knee that has been with me for some time. I walk with a stick.

  17. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    I never thought for a moment that you were being untruthful about your health issues. Wanting to do things for yourself, yet being unable to must be awful.
  18. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Thank you for your kind words Harveyp6, and your so correct " I would love to be able to work on my car, instead, I have to pass it over to my classic car mechanic to do the work"! With all the costs etc that go with it.....
  19. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Started the car today and as I did so there was a loud bang!! Frightened the life out of me, but after that it ran sweetly and continued up to temp. I wonder if the bang was anything to do with the breather system? Also, after I had driven the car into my garage, I noticed 2 small drops of oil on my driveway! I am hoping to go to a car show tomorrow at Tangmere aerodrome! But not sure if I should?

    Any suggestions?
  20. prospect8816

    prospect8816 Member

    Well, drove the car to the venue at Tangmere Military Aerodrome for SERR ( South East Rover Rally) Yesterday all 16 miles (each way)! She started no trouble & no "bang". Ran sweetly both ways.
    A fellow P6 owner suggested the bang might have been caused by low oil in the carburettor "pot"!! When I was back home and after letting the car cool down, I then topped up the pot with 3-1 oil!
    So I hope this is the end of that little saga -- as re oil leak, that's still ongoing!


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