brown 3500S Richmond


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quite like the sections of background info copied from somewhere
Launched in 1971, the Rover 3500S featured a four-speed manual transmission in place of the 3-speed Borg Warner 35 automatic which was the only available gearbox in 3500s until 1971. With the manual transmission came some performance increases with 0-60 coming in a time of a noticeably faster 9 seconds as well as a slight fuel economy gain from 22 mpg in automatic 3500s compared to 24 mpg in the manual 3500S. The ‘S’ in the title of the 3500S represented ‘Syncromesh’ rather than the common misconception of it being the ‘Sport’ model. The model proved so sporty and safe it was adopted by most UK Police forces as their high speed pursuit cars.
little is said about the roof though
or the 2 competing carpet colours

Does look solid from outside though:cool:
I always think an advert containing big chunks of copied & pasted model history as filler betrays a lack of knowledge & proper information about the actual vehicle being sold.
I know this 3500 S. The car has been restored over here in Germany by a (in the German P6 scene well known) enthusiast. This car wasn´t the first P6 he worked on. He sold the car to UK and is currently working on another (non-P6) project as far as I know. - Some pictures of 2014 before restoration



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wow the car looks 10 times better with those 2014 photos than it does now!! no clashing carpet colours for one thing

and I can't stand the roof :rolleyes:


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it sure is, so which do you prefer? the 2014 version or the 2019 version? from the photos you posted there was nothing wrong with the seats already installed , the ones installed now are "OK" but dont go with the tunnel carpet or the side wall carpets and are a strain on the optical nerves!!


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Yes, de gustibus et de coloribus non est disputandum, but the red interior doesn't go easily with everything, and with the dark brown exterior isn't among the most successful combinations IMHO. Also i agree with falkor on the carpets, it looks like a half finished job, half red, half beige. Again IMHO. :)
AFAIK Black for the auto’s sills & quarter panels (plus black roof when an option)?

Then again, I could easily be wrong.....
They weren't 'options' as such, IIRC, it was related to the interior trim colour. Huntsman roof/panels/sills were the default colour with certain exterior colours, ie Mexico and Almond etc and the only time black roof etc was fitted with those colours was if Ebony trim was specified. However, Mexico wasn't available with Ebony interior trim so, technically, Mexico with a black roof wasn't a factory spec.. However, whether any were supplied as a special order, who knows.

There was a school of thought back in the day that S did stand for 'syncromesh', much as the earlier P4s were badged 105S and 105R initially (ie 1956/7), with the thought that R was 'Roverdrive' (ie auto) and S for syncromesh (with overdrive). Both suffixes were later dropped when the automatic was discontinued, it continuing as the plain 105. I've never seen anything definitive, so perhaps the 'S' in 3500S was intended simply as a marketing thing, just as in the not-marketed 2000S?