Bringing life back to P6B

Howdy groovers,
In anticipation of resurrecting the P6B which has been in the shed for 15? 20? years I've been doing some reading. Regarding the crank rope seals - what do you think the best way to ease these back into life are? Cranking the engine up to correct oil pressure (with dizzy disconnected) by way of the starter motor is part of my thought process, but will sustained cranking on the starter burn it out? How long do you think I'd have to let it crank this way for (fresh) oil permeate the seals?


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Take out the spark plugs , much less load on the starter . Check that it will turn over by hand first in case something is jammed like a valve, and put some oil down the bores before turning over to lubricate them.


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Yes, literally only a drop or two of oil in the bores, leave overnight. Only crank long enough to see if you have oil pressure i.e 5 seconds or so. Some drying out and hardening of rope seals or rubbers is unavoidable, it depends on storage conditions.

My car was stored 11 years v. dry. The top end leaked everywhere, rocker covers, valley gasket and front cam seal. Luckily all quite easy to replace. Bottom end was OK thankfully.

Same reason you need to check everything rubber in the suspension. You will definitely want new brake hoses and budget to replace pretty much all of the brakes (for peace of mind if nothing else).

The V8 generally "sleeps" pretty well. What you might have an issue with also is coolant, it might not have inhibitor or it can crystallise. Need a damn good flush of the cooling system but NEVER use flushing oil in the engine.


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Having recommissioned a 34 year sleeper I can only warn you that the worst part of the job will likely be the fuel system. If there is old fuel in the tank and lines then be prepared for a right battle.
You may consider replacing the lines and as for the tank, well, I gave up and got another. Carbs will need a clean out and re gasket.

Good luck with it, I got mine running by hanging a 1 litre bottle of fuel from the bonnet catch, it started fine after winding up pressure, took another month or so before it ran and moved on fuel from the tank.
Cool thanks - these are the kind of things I'm expecting. Ideally I can get it home, get it to start (maybe a different fuel source as you suggest) and then start on the brakes. A big part of me just wants to hear it run. if only briefly, for inspirations :) Plus if it can run it will be easier to move it if I have to - brakes or not. I'm hoping removing/rinsing the tank and carby/brake cleaner and compressed air blown backwards through the pipes might be a good start.
Spoke to the fellow who owns the car today. He's managed to unearth it and is seeing if the tyres will hold air, and if the wheels turn free for it's exhumation. I got some more details on it too - apparently it's a series one v8, mustard colour with black vinyl roof. Super excited to go and have a look soon. Am I right saying a series one v8 would be on the rarer side in Australia?